Does your business have a specific task that needs automating?  Do you have a specific business process that could be streamlined or monitored with software?  Have you ever said "I wish we could find a program that does X?"

Maybe you should consider having custom software developed for your business.

Whether it's web-based software (internal or public), interactive desktop applications, or something that does its job hidden in the background, we can write software that does exactly what you want it to.  We even have experience connecting software to "real world" devices.

Some past projects include:

  • An internal web-based, database driven system that catalogs videos, produces a catalog,  takes and tracks custom orders, automatically assembles DVD images, and hands the images to a robotic DVD Burner/Printer.
  • Software to produce score bug graphics for television production
  • An online wind-power simulation game (think "Sim-Wind") designed for grade-school students
  • Software for school computer labs which allows staff to remotely track, monitor, and manage internet usage in real time.
  • Firmware (internal software) for a variety of interactive museum displays.  (We can do the hardware design for projects like this, too!)
  • Firmware for a hydraulic assist system on a large front-end loader. (Software only -- we were hired to improve an existing system that didn't work very well.)
  • Numerous simple video games on various platforms